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Barry Chase

Founder/Lead Singer/Guitar

Hollywood Pink Floyd was born out of Barry’s love for everything Pink Floyd. Barry began his musical journey back when he was 8 years old, playing with his friend David Speigelman, who only had a single snare drum and cymbal, while Barry strummed E and A chords on a $10 acoustic guitar. Born and raised in southern California. Barry’s first glimpse of Pink Floyd was on May 1, 1970, where he attended their concert at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. When he heard Astronomy Domine, Careful with that Axe Eugene and Set The Controls for the Heart of the Sun, he was hooked. So much so, 6 days later, he went and saw them again at UCLA’s Pauly Pavilion. That 14-year-old Barry dreamed about one day performing those psychedelic songs live on stage. Barry continued with his Elementary School and High School band “Inner Soul” with members Matt Davis, Leonard Mermel and Alan Sperling. They played all the local school dances and competed in all the local Battle of the Bands. During that period, he played alongside with local musicians, David Freshman, Bobby Graham, Dan Schweitzer, and Sean Cassidy.


In 2017, Barry started toying around with a few songs he wrote, and connected with one of his old guitar buddies, Sheldon Cohn. Sheldon had stuck with music his whole life, so Barry felt he was the right guy to get with, to help him finish a song he had written about his wife, Linda. 

After they finished what would be called “Time of Our Lives”, Barry performed the song in front of a small audience at Barry & Linda’s wedding. Barry caught the bug once again and started the search for his next band.


Barry then began his focus on a production of The Dark Side of the Moon. He assembled 7 amazing musicians along with his assistant Brittney Gallina, to help with sound, set up and making sure everything is where it supposed to be! Hollywood Pink Floyd was born! After 6 months of rehearsals, tweaking the sound, getting the production tuned to the highest standards, Hollywood Pink Floyd performed in front of almost 200 guests in a private Los Angeles setting. The response was overwhelming! 


“Hollywood Pink Floyd is here. I am blessed to be working with this passionate group of musicians and look forward to seeing you all on our 2022 Southern California Tour.”

Marble Surface



Born and raised in California, Brendan Flavin is a multi-instrumentalist with a focus on bass, guitar, and vocals. After having been gifted his first guitar in high school, Brendan was drawn to learn anything and everything Classic Rock, discovering favorites like David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Deep Purple, and Boston. 


While attending Musicians Institute, Brendan started his career mixing live sound in clubs along the Sunset Strip. Brendan graduated MI with a degree in both Music Performance and Audio Engineering. Brendan has gravitated to the Roger Waters persona in his awesome bass rifts performed with the Hollywood Pink Floyd.

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DRUMMER / percussions 

An experienced touring/studio Latin Grammy nominee rock drummer from Bogota Colombia based in Los Angeles, CA. Jamie has been playing the drums for over 19 years with music degrees from Musicians Institute in Hollywood.

During his carrier he has had the pleasure of working with some of the top billboard producers and artists including Howard Benson, Neil Sanderson, Sean Beavan, Nigel Dick, Earl Slick, Mike Plotnicoff, Elyar Fox just to name a few. Jamie has Joined The Hollywood Pink Floyd, following the passion and influence that the band Pink Floyd brought to his music development.

With the (In the Flesh) Roger waters, and (The Dark Side of the Moon)  making a huge impact and expanding Jamie’s music vocabulary, watching David Gilmour and Roger Waters together or separate perform live, is considered a life changing experience for any musician out there.

Marble Surface



Born in California, Kali McKay swears she came from the womb 

singing and hasn’t stopped since. From a young age, she spent 

most of her time scouring through her parents’ record collection to find “The Wall”, studying the vocals intently for harmonies. 

A lover of all genres of music, she has performed in various 

Classic Rock cover bands within the LA area, taking influence 

from artists such as Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, and of course Pink Floyd. 


Having recently delved into the world as a session vocalist, her voice has made it’s way onto tracks for several other artists, including music featured in the Indie film “Toast”.

Marble Surface



These brothers hail from Canada. After playing with a Pink Floyd Tribute band for several years as well as performing in their band “Gods Plan”, these 2 brothers joined Hollywood Pink Floyd in early 2021. Their guitar work shows their dedication to the David Gilmour sound and tone. To see these 2 live, with dueling harmonies, and sensual solos, will give you goose bumps!

Let's Rock 🤘

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